Happy Faces Camp - English Adventure

Quality Educational Tourism - Together we offer the young a fairytaleadventure!

What does the camp offer?

English Camp International entertainers ( native English speakers or English teachers of other nationality)
English Camp Courses, games and activities, fun and relaxation in English
English Camp One day trip included
English Camp 5 nights/6 days accommodation and 3 meals/ day
English Camp Medical assistance
English Camp A lot of fun and joy!

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Tabara de EnglezaHappy Faces English Adventure Camp

A totally special camp that offers the opportunity for the children and teenagers to meet youngsters from other continents! Each international entertainer will try to convince you of the charm and the uniqueness of the county one comes from and to tech a traditional custom, a dance, a game or a song, representative for them ( dances and traditions from Lithuania, Irish capoeira songs, Brazilian fight- combines martial arts with music and dancing, the funniest Mexican children's games and more!).
You will have the chance to appreciate the variety and beauty of these people
and will find that there are many other things we have in common: each has something interesting to offer! We will prove these youngsters that we come from a country with warm, clever, welcoming people who are interested in anything that has authentic value.
The entire schedule will be delivered in English, but if you are familiar with other foreign languages ( French, Italian etc) you will have the chance to practice during the camp with native speakers!

During the 6 days we will spend together ( with the possibility to prolong on request), the English lessons will combine perfectly with the fun and adventure spirit. The happy Faces English Adventure Camp is organized together with native English speakers. We focus on the conversation side in order to offer the children confidence that they can express themselves freely.
At the same time, English Adventures is a camp where we offer the participants the opportunity to play sports and to discover more cultures through diverse games and specific activities. . Therefore we are learning English playing, organizing contests, making fun projects, during creative and logic activities, during sports or during treasure hunting, even during travelling and hiking.
By playing, the children and youngsters transform the reality, discover the others, discover themselves and communicate and collaborate natural with the others. Play offers the child motivation, satisfaction, help him be free and combine rapidly play with the effort to learn!

We intend to deliver this successful concept inside the English Adventures Camps from this year, with the belief that after the 6 days spent together, the children and youngsters will enrich their English knowledge in a fun , easy and certainly more efficiently manner !
Thank you for choosing us this year and we are expecting you in The Happy Faces- English Adventures Camp!! See you soon!

Tabara Engleza CopiiSCHEDULE:

 Two English lessons a day (from 10:30- 12:00 and from 16:00- 17:30)

 Most of fun activities and games, knowledge and relaxation will be organized all in English!

 Team games, imagination games, logic games: Environmental Scavenger Hunt,  Treasure Hunt, Land Art, Water Games, Healthy Living Day, Concurs “Cine stie castiga” (Quiz), Riddle Competition, Project Day – Fashion Show, Art Sessions, Camp’s News Journal, etc.

 Optional trip to ADVENTURE PARC (starting with 'School Route', net bridge, climbing, zigzag bridge, balance bridge, horizontal net bridge, mobile cart, trapeze bridge, Papua ladder, parrot bridge and zip lane.

 Individual and team sports (Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Ping-pong ,Billiards ,Soccer and foosball ,Football tennis ,Ride on the pond with boats ).

 Workshops(painting and drawing, jewlerry, creative writing, theatre, arts and crafts).
Fashion-Show, Dance-Show, Talent-Show, Karaoke
Movie nights si Barbeque evenings

Useful Information:

We accept both group reservations and individual..
The reservations are booked after a deposit of 200 lei/ person .
tabaraFor each 10 persons reservation we provide a free spot for the attendant teacher .
Accommodation is provided in room of 4-8 beds, each having their private bathroom. Heating and hot water non stop!! (Details at: www.terramythica.ro). Capacity: 90 persons.
Check in time 14:00 h, check out time 10:00 (mandatory).
First meal is dinner, and in the last day we provide lunch ( to go).
We provide transportation on the route train stationAlba Iulia- Ighiu- a fee of 7 lei/ person is applied, or Teius train station- Ighiu a 9 lei/person fee is applied.
We solicit the child’s medical visit documents 48 hours before the check-in!!
The down payment is returned only for cancellations made 21 days before the check in ( available only for individual reservations!!).
The entrance fees at the tourist attractions are not included, 20 lei/person.

For any additional information we are available at any time: 0745.075.057.


Camp Price: 920 lei/person + 20 lei entrance tickets

We offer free accommodation for 1 person at each 10 person's reservation!!

You are welcome in our resort!!

MOBIL: 0745 075 057   Albume FOTO complete aici...
English Camp
English Camp