Each summer we recruit new staff members who are energetic, enthusiastic, and enjoy working with children and youth. They are dedicated to providing fun, creative and challenging experiences for our campers. Staff will bring professional attitudes and expert training to our program and are selected for their skill, knowledge, and desire to lead & teach.

This a great opportunity to gain practical experience in a fun, safe and welcoming environment!

ABOUT YOUR JOB as a volunteer at the Happy Faces Camp!

  • You will help us organize camp activities (sports, in-door and out-door games, name games, ice-breaking games, Karaoke, Arts & Crafts, Painting, Drama, Dancing etc.) and you will participate in all the trips and hikes which will be organized!
  • You are invited if you want to be and Activity Team Leader – which means that if you have a good idea about an activity that the kids might enjoy, you are free to implement it!
  •  It can be an activity for a mini-group of 15-20 children, 20-40 kids, or for the entire camp around 200 children! (here are some ideas that our staff members had: International Day, Harry Potter Day, Language Lessons, Photo-journalism Course, Dancing, Theater, Art Projects, First Aid Course, Aikido Lessons and so on…
  • Cleaning and related duties (after the workshops, for example, arts & crafts, or painting or when we do cut outs and collages, etc.) it is in our responsibilities to leave the place clean after each activity.
    Also, we help serving the meals!
DURATION of the Volunteer Service:
  • Each camp has a 6 days duration.
  • The minimum service for each volunteer will be: 4 weeks! Maximum – all summer!
  • We start with Staff Training on June, 17, continue with first CAMP starting on June 22… and we will end the season on September 8th, 2024)
Spoken language: ENGLISH (some kids speak German or Spanish, Italian so…that can help as well!)
  • Your age: between 18-40!
  • We are looking forward hearing from you!
How to Apply:
Send us an email: or write on Facebook, profile name: Dalina Borcan (Tabara Happy Faces), or text us on Whatapp +40 745 075 057

from previous VOLUNTEERS

This Camp will bring the best out of you! My time here has been the time of my life! This has been one of those few truly REAL experiences that change your life forever! The camp has allowed me to grow as person on many different levels and has challenge and push myself beyond my limits. During my time here I taught English, life skills and participated in everything from outdoor activities/ sports to disco parties and carnivals! You will be asked to play many different roles at camp. You will constantly be active and pushed outside your comfort zone. Be able to work well with a team yet flexible enough to run activities on your own. Camp will be challenging at times and will ask a lot from you but, it makes everyday rewarding! Words of advise; “The more you put into camp the more you will get out.” Warning though if you decide to come to camp you won’t want to leave! Being able to give back to hundreds of kids every day is what makes this job so special! Dali goes above and beyond to make sure her volunteers are taken care of and have everything they need in order to make our time here truly special! She is the most amazing, kind, hilarious person you will ever have the pleasure to meet! Thank you Dali for this unforgettable experience and allowing me to give back more than I ever imaged I was capable of.

As my first volunteering experience abroad, I was nothing less than terrified to travel to a tiny village in a Country I know nothing about. Less than five minutes after arriving, I knew I had found the perfect home for me for the next month. The people here are so welcoming and you form fast, long lasting friendships that you take with you forever. It may be scary to be in front of 200 campers at once but you quickly find out that they are so excited to be around you and only want you to do great things, as well as the other counselors do. One of the best things about being here in Romania that is different from any other summer camp is the beautiful cultural exchange you experience with the other counselors as well as campers. The campers are more than willing to teach you about their culture and language and they are more than ecstatic to learn about your culture as well. If you are looking for a safe first experience and love children and want to maximize multiple countries within one, this is the place for you. All your nerves will disappear the minute you arrive here and the owners here are more than willing to work with anything you may need or want. I would rate a million stars if possible!!!

Hi Dali!
I’ve just send a message on the group chat, but I also wanted to say goodbye here.
This camp, this place, all that you created it’s the most especial thing I’ve ever seen.
When I first came here I was expecting a special place full of special people, but for sure I wasn’t expecting this.
I’ve grown so much, and I don’t know if people feel it from the outside, but I know it deep down. (omg, I’m way more responsible, if I compare a couple of weeks ago with now it’s just crazy)
You’ve give me a beautiful space to create and be myself, and even though I didn’t get to do paella day :-), I got to do so many things that I never thought I was gonna do.
Camp it’s really really special for the kids, and I feel like a kid, cause for me it was like being in the freaking moon.
Not everything it’s easy at camp, but that’s a challenge for us, and now I know that not always things work like you want, but you just need to take it with perspective and hard work.
The feeling of being there and seeing a teacher coming to you to say thank you it’s just one of the things I value the most from camp and I’m taking that and all I lived there home with me.
Thank you for everything and hopefully, see you soon! 🧡🧡

The atmosphere created there is addicting and you can feel the constant energy from your coworkers. I can’t describe how much this experience meant to me. Being in this place feels like being in some other, better world. Working with kids demands a lot of energy from you but seeing smiles on their faces or even hearing thanks from them is totally rewarding and can boost you up. I spent month there from June 2021 to July and I can tell you time flew unimaginably fast. I’m gonna miss this place, its energy and PEOPLE. Sending a lot of love to Dalina and the team :). Keep it going guys! <3

This camp was maybe the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had. Teaching the kids English, playing games with them, and just hanging out and talking to them taught me so much about Romania, the culture, and myself. I was able to connect with, teach, and learn from these kids, which was quite an incredible opportunity.
You really get out of this volunteering opportunity whatever you put in. It isn’t an experience where you work for a few hours a day and then are free to explore the area. There is a lot of work that goes into planning activities and lessons for the campers, but for me it was all worth it. While you may get a few opportunities to leave camp and explore, your time will mainly be spent at the camp with the kids or the other volunteers.
That being said, the connection that you build with the other staff members is indescribable and something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I am planning on extending my travels in Europe just to visit the friends that I have made at camp.
They’ll tell you at the beginning and you may find it cheesy at first, but while you eventually have to leave camp, it’s never really going to leave you. I’ll never be able to listen to the songs we danced to at camp the same way. The things I’ve learned, the people I’ve met, and the experiences that I’ve had will be with me forever. It was not always an easy experience and there were many inconveniences and bumps along the way, but now that I’m gone I’m already counting down the days until I can go back.

I can´t describe in words how much this experience, working in this summer camp in Romania means to me! It was my first experience abroad and I absolutely loved it. I loved the people, the place, the work, the environment, the culture, the energy and of course all the beautiful kids.
I spent around a month at the place in August 2020. I kept travelling for half a year afterwards, but this experience is still my favorite and has a big place in my heart. I will never forget the first day I arrived. It was almost midnight; I was picked up from Alba Julia and arrived at the camp. Everybody welcomed me directly so warm and kindly, I met Dali (the owner) who I loved from the start with her funny and open personality. I wrote directly to my mom: “Mom I know I will love this place” and it came true.
All volunteers live together in 2 houses next to the camp, so they have their own little space, which was great to have late night talks, dinners, and dance parties. We started each week with a conference with all the volunteers to plan the following days. We had a tight schedule, and everybody had to take responsibility to lead groups. You are put into different teams and every day you give sports lessons or English lessons, lead activities like drawing, teach them to make bracelets, organize carnival evenings, go on trips in the mountains, sing, dance and do a lot of other fun games. The kids are older than I thought, mostly around 13 which was nice, since you could really talk and have conversations with them. I loved that you could bring in you own ideas, I for example love dancing and therefore taught some kids a choreography. The other volunteers, workers and owners made the place really special to me, I loved each and every one of them! The only thing I would criticize is that we really do not have a lot of free time. We work from around 9am till 10pm and we only have one day off. But since it is so much fun, it really doesn´t feel like work, thus I enjoyed the long days of “work”. If you apply here you should know though that this is not a place to just live for free. No, you have to be motivated to make it the best camp possible for the kids. But it is so rewarding! In the end of each week, we sit around a bonfire, sing and all the kids cry, it is such an emotional and moving evening, because you know they cry because the camp means a lot to them! The energy in this camp is so special, so loving, caring, like family. Simply Beautiful. I really hope I can come back this year to relive my best experience!! –“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” — THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! I love you all and miss you! I am sending you big hugs and lots of kisses <33

I can not recommend this experience enough to anyone who is outgoing, creative or eager to experience something new and crazy! You will learn so so much from this volunteering opportunity, and have the time of your life at the same time. I stayed for two months, and within a week of leaving was desperate to return. In my time there, I taught English, learnt and taught activities from all over the world, ran camp-wide activities, and played lots of music. This camp will give you opportunities for leadership, musicality, creativity, and you are always surrounded by the most supportive people. There is a lot to do while you are there, but what you get out of it is unbelievably rewarding. Sending so much love to you all, and can’t wait to see you again soon!

This place was my first volunteer abroad experience, and also the longest time I’d spent visiting another country. I was there for 5 weeks and honestly it was the best decision I’ve ever made! So much so that I am delighted to be heading back this summer to relive the crazy, fun, challenging but incredibly rewarding experience. My time here was spent teaching English, playing games and all sorts of fun and activities like carnivals and talent shows, all to ensure the kids get the best possible experience and they definitely do!
The kids, staff and volunteers are incredible, if you get the chance, take it!
Thanks for everything Dali, can’t wait to see you soon! Xx

Just finished spending an incredible month at the camp, and I’ll remember it for the rest of my life. It’s difficult to sum up the experience, but I had an absolute blast and grew as a person because of it. I taught English, led activities, made lifelong friends with other volunteers from around the world, and acted like a kid again every day. Volunteers are asked to work very hard at camp, with long hours, but it’s very rewarding (and for me, it never felt like work). This definitely isn’t the place to go if you just want a free place to stay while you’re traveling. But, “the more you put into camp, the more you get out.” If you do your part and even go above and beyond, you’ll have so much fun. Dali, thank you for this experience and for being the hilarious, caring person that you are. I’m forever grateful that camp found me. Beware – if you volunteer here, you’ll never want to leave. I may have left camp, but camp will never leave me!

This was my first experience as a volunteer but what an experience it was! I was really nervous before going in Romania, because I didn’t know what to expect. But as soon as I arrived, they did everything they could to make me feel as a part of the family.
Basically, you live in a house, one / two minutes by foot away from the camp, with all the others staff members. There, a cook makes a really good food for the meal and in the evening. You can’t be hungry there!
I was also nervous because I never had experiences as a kid counselor, but you learn very quickly how to deal with them. I came at the very first, so we had three days of training, where we learned many things about being a camp counselor.
The work consist as taking part of two 90 or 120 minutes blocks during the day, the evening activity and kids supervision during their free time. It is not always easy and you can be very tired at the end of the day, but it’s totally worth it, because working with kids is great!
Finally, the other staff members are great, and you can do very good friends from all around the world, and you will know, for sure, that you’ll meet some of them again.
This experience brought me a lot, and gave me lots of experiences about working as a team, or planning activities!
If you hesitate to be part of the staff members, don’t and it will be one of your best experience!

Camp was amazing! We volunteered for a month here, and it was such a great experience.
We taught English most weeks, which is generally informal lessons and games which you can tailor to your classes needs and English level (most speak English pretty well!). There is lots of other things to get involved in too, and you are welcome to help out with whatever activities you are interested in.
It can be a lot of work at times, but it is so rewarding seeing how much the kids love the lessons/games you plan and prepare! The kids are awesome!
The other staff and volunteers are great too, always so helpful and supportive, and of course fun to hang out with.
I would recommend this job to anyone looking for lots of fun and amazing new friends 🙂
Thank you to the team for giving us this opportunity, hopefully we will see you again next year! <3

As our fearless leader Manu said on the first week with regards to camp, “You get out of it what you put in”. I gave this camp a solid month and as much energy as I could muster, and feel like it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I came originally just to get some experience teaching English as a foreign language, but left with so many new international friends and memories. It was one of my favorite Summer experiences ever, and I suggest if you are on the fence reading this now, you just take the dive and go for it.
Actual work is split up into 1.5 hour blocks that range from 8:00am to 8:00pm so your days are pretty packed, but if you are smart about it you can make little pockets of free time. Also the management staff and team are super understanding if you get sick, or just need to take a night off or something to regroup. Honestly at the end I was signing up to do more activities than I had to because it was just plain fun. So sometimes it can feel like a lot is asked of you, and it is true, but just manage it well however you need to.
The house in the back is full of rooms and food so you are all set there, they even have options for vegetarians and vegans. Kids are cool, and you have enough freedom within your activity to do what you want so it doesn’t get stale week after week. You will have song and dance routines stuck in your head for weeks after you leave. Overall just a super positive and enriching vibe, there’s something special about this place I haven’t felt in many other volunteering spots. Do. It.

It’s been three weeks now that I’ve left Romania I still miss camp every single day. I was a little bit nervous before I arrived but right from the beginning I was welcomed by the whole staff team and they helped my with all my questions. If you are worrying about being alone or having to deal with difficult situations by yourself, don’t be! Working in a team gives you the opportunity to build up very special relationships with everyone and you are going to have so much fun. Just spending the time during or in between activities with everyone and joking around was the best!
And don’t get me started on the kids! The kids at camp were incredible and so thankful to be there and to get the chance to spend time with you. They get very easily attached and it was the best to see how happy you can make them just by giving them some attention and showing them that they matter and that they are worth it. Be prepared to receive a giant amount of hugs!
The work was definitely exhausting but also very fulfilling and I really hope that I can go back to camp some day!

It has been a year since I volunteered at this magical place, and not a day goes by that I do not think about my time spent here. Being my first experience abroad I was terrified to say the least, especially as I planned to stay for 7 weeks! But instantly I was surrounded by positive, motivational energies and a whole team of people who supported me through everything. Sometimes it got hard, especially for someone who felt like they were not ready for this responsibility (like me), but having such a close nit community to help you through was so beneficial, and I couldn’t have pushed myself the way I did without the other volunteers or the rest of the team.

I came to camp not knowing any Romanian, wondering if I had dropped myself in at the deep end, but I found myself quickly picking up words and phrases that helped me communicate with the kids (although I’d say that 70% of them knew English very well, and often the kids, or other volunteers would help each other translate). With a whopping 100+ kids at some camps, I thought I would crash and burn! But there is such a good network of volunteers that the group sizes are always suited to your activity’s needs (or personal limits).

The whole camp experience was very organic, the schedules and organizational techniques were constantly adapting to the group of volunteers, the kids that came, the weather or any other circumstance. This was one of the best things about camp for me, being in a professional environment that understood that things can -and should- change, and should constantly be evolving to suit whatever happens next. This made the environment feel comfortable, and made me feel like I could always speak my mind/have an opinion on whatever I needed to, whether that was in a group discussion, or in a one-on-one with a higher team member. Dali is one of the most helpful, supportive and understanding people I’ve ever met, and she will do anything to make sure you are having the best experience!

Other notable things;
3 hearty meals a day! (or make your own food back at the accommodation).
Volunteer living quarters away from where the kids are staying, this allowed us to spend quality time together and get well needed rests!
The kids are always such a delight, and always end up looking up to you as older siblings, I was allocated as “camp councilor” for a couple of camps and got to speak to some of the older kids about issues they were having, and I felt really privileged to be able to do this.
You will spend the rest of your life quoting sayings from camp, singing the songs, doing the dances…
There’s always the opportunity to take part in other volunteers actives and learn new skills
Always new volunteers coming and going; I got to meet and befriend 35+ people from all around the world, and I’ve even met up with a few of them since (friends for life, honestly).
In summary; by becoming a volunteer here you will have the experience of a life time. I don’t think I could ever really put into words just how much I valued my time at camp, and I really hope I have the opportunity to go back in the future! I can’t thank Dali and the team enough for this experience <3

Man oh man, this was truly a life changing experience for me, I don’t even know where to begin. I came in totally unaware of that i was about to experience one of the most pivotal and important moments in my life. This camp was my first experience and I am so glad it was. I was initially only supposed to stay for the 6 weeks and I ended staying almost the entire summer, I couldn’t get enough of it!

I came in timid, shy, and reserved and I honestly didn’t think that the kids would like me much. I was wrong, I had some of the cutest and most adorable brats chasing and running after me- errr I mean… walking because of course: NU ALERGA 😉 ! I cannot emphasize how much this camp will change you as a person or if you’re looking for something within yourself or if you’re just trying to be yourself and be comfortable with the person you are, you will accomplish it at this camp.
I think I told just about everyone that if my May 2017 self had met the me I had become at the end of august, I would not recognize myself. Here you not only encounter happy fun times, but you will also be challenged to really push yourself and you will be thrust out of your comfort zone.

That being said, it’s not all about self transformation; you have kids to take care of. Kids who will look up to you and will come to you for advice, kids who will need you. You need to be there for the kids. Days at camp will be long if you focus on the negative. Kitchen duty was always fun for me and disco nights and so much more! It is a lot work you have to do, and it is not for everyone. As cheesy as it may sound, I didn’t notice half the time because I was having so much fun with the kids or with the activity that was going on. It will also be a lot of work if you try and do everything on your own, I learned that the hard way. You come here, you make friend, and those friends become family. I made life long friends in three months and I never saw it coming. And just a heads up; every week when he camps leave, there will be A LOT of crying from both the staff and campers leaving. ( I did most of the crying).
Lastly both international and Romanian stuff were amazing. Big Momma, Pops, Mircea, Alex, the kitchen staff and Dali. Dali thank you so much for reaching out to me and helping become the person I am now. You are kind, beautiful, bubbly, friendly, clever, and creative and this camp wouldn’t be the same without you. People come from all over the world and come to this camp to do God knows what, cause I am pretty positive all us who come in truly have no idea what to expect! AND I WAS LIVING FOR IT. It was beautiful crazy organized chaos and I cannot wait to do it all over again. Mulțumesc frumoas!!!!!